Language in Your Hands

We are a group of professionals form the field of early years with the mission to enhance communication with  primarily preverbal  young children through the use of signs, using British Sign language. As well as working with preverbal children and  hard of hearing (aged six months to 11 years), we  work in many other settings, including but not limited to nurseries, preschools, children’s centres  and libraries.

We also work internationally. We provide regular placement opportunities for international  students in the nurseries in Yorkshire region, mainly in Leeds and Bradford and promote child’s led, play based early years education.

Schola Empirica

The aim of Schola Empirica is to support teachers (pre-schools, primary and secondary schools), social workers and parents, helping them to provide the best care for children. Schola Empirica re based in the Czech Republic but work across Europe. There are certainly different ways to approach early education and care, however we strive to define the methods and strategies that have yielded the most consistent results based on empirical evidence. We support the involvement of key actors and their experiences with these methods. Since 2006 SCHOLA EMPIRICA, has  offered trainings for providers of preschool teachers, social services, social workers, teachers of primary and secondary schools, NGOs and public institutions, it is  accredited by  the Czech Ministry. More recently, the SE  started to implement the training  “Introduction of social intervention programs in nursery schools” in Vysocina and Olomouc regions   for Czech Ministry of Education   which is and aimed at supporting the social and emotional development of pre-school children as well as their social integration. The training  includes the development and implementation of inclusive activities for pre-school children from disadvantaged backgrounds and children with special educational needs in kindergartens.

Gymnazija  Franca Miklosica Ljutomer

Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer was established in 1963. We have been educating students aged 15 to 19 ever since, giving them a firm fundamental knowledge in order to study at university in Slovenia and abroad. In the last 50 years, the school has become one of the most renowned institutions of its kind in the country. At present, there are 570 students attending the school and taught by about 60 teachers and further assisted by 10 technical staff members. The school offers three secondary-level programmes: a general course called splošna gimnazija, a general course specialised in the arts, in our case theatre and film and a vocational course preparing students to work as early years teaching called predšolska vzgoja.  The Early Years Teaching programme has been present at Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer for 19 years. It combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling students to develop innovativeness, creativity as well as their personal strengths and talents. We have a variety of kindergartens and schools in our network.  The students have an opportunity to actively participate in kindergartens during special Project Days and also during teaching practice in the final two years of the course. They also learn about and visit institutions with alternative approaches, for example a Waldorf and Montessori kindergarten.  In the last few years some of the  kindergartens and primary schools in our network are introducing teaching English as a second language to children at an early age.